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Grand Master K. S. Choi

WTF 8th Degree Black Belt
President of the California Unified Taekwondo Association
Past President of the CSTA, 1992-1996
International Referee
14 time Korean National Taekwondo Champion

Head Coach of the US National Team at:

1993 California Open TKD Championship
1991 Olympic Festival (West Team) in Los Angeles
1991 Pan American Games - Havana, Cuba
1990 Pan American Games - San Juan, Puerto Rico
1990 World Cup Games - Madrid, Spain
1989 Olympic Festival (North Team) - Oklahoma City
1987 Olympic Festival (West Team) - Raleigh, North Carolina

Grand Master Choi is the coach and instructor to many current and former state, national, and international champions. Members of K.S. Choi Competition Teams are internationally ranked and recognized competitors.

Our Philosophy

Our focus is on grasping human potential, the power in each of us but rarely tapped. The incredible physical benefits come as part of K.S. Choi's Tae Kwon Do study. If K.S. Choi Tae Kwon Do is to be called a martial art of self-defense, then its goal is best described in this manner:

The best self-defense is that of a calm, self-contained person, at peace with themself and the world around them.

This type of personal development has an emphasizes on the development of mental discipline, emotional self-restraint and a philosophy of kindness, humility and strong moral character. The one who has mastered Tae Kwon Do is a powerful but gentle individual.

"Honest mind (strong moral character), loving heart (respect, positive, life) and strength in the body (health, power, skills)" is a motto that martial artists around the world share. Tae Kwon Do's quest is to spread its logic, goodness, and philosophy for the cause of world peace.